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  •    © 2009 Brigitte Dummer

    Hallo, we are Brigitte Dummer
    and Gundula Krüger

    Fotos with: Gayle Tufts, CORA, Martina Navratilova, Ute Lemper, Ulrike Folkerts, Amelie Mauresmo, Elli, Harald Glöckler, Gracia Bauer, Uwe Kröger, Frank Schöbel, René Koch, Barbara Wussow, Sabine Lisicki, Janina Elkin and Udo Walz



    Sine many years Brigitte Dummer is on her way photographing music stars, sportsmen, fashion stars, politicians and many more ... (f.i. Elli, Alexander, Bonnie Tyler, Maria Sharapova, Boris Becker, Harald Glööckler, René Koch).She is attending Ute Lemper to make photos for a long time before and behind the stage.Gundula Krüger is making notices, archiving our photographs and doing the office work.Additionally she takes care no snapshot situation will be missed.